Recruiting Ahead

of the Need

Specialized recruiting and placement services for the pharmaceutical industry


We Are an Extension of You

ClinSearch is committed to providing a seamless transition from internal to external teams supporting talent acquisition goals.  We take a white-glove approach to fully understand our partner’s true need, make appropriate recommendations through industry intelligence, and deliver back on the quality that is expected.  Our endeavor is to become an extension of your hiring team’s objectives in order to accomplish a common goal.

In Our DNA

ClinSearch is a pharmaceutical recruitment and talent management solutions provider.  Our sole focus in this one space helps us identify and align professionals that generate immediate impact, while providing industry specific intelligence required to make better hiring and business decisions.

Full-Service Recruitment Agency

Focusing on contract and permanent placement for both individual contributor and executive search, our mission is to help our partners navigate the complex landscape of hiring in today’s marketplace.  Our niche offers a customized approach to human capital in areas of competitive intelligence, attraction, retention and process.


"Working with ClinSearch was exceptional. The process was streamlined and professional. Most resourcing agencies I worked with lacked understanding the company's resource needs and the applicant's skill set. They did their research before contacting me. As soon as the hiring manager met with me, it was the perfect match. ClinSearch even negotiated a higher salary than I anticipated. I am grateful to ClinSearch for the extraordinary resourcing experience."

Matt M.


"The staff at ClinSearch are extremely transparent and communicative, presenting me with multiple options and giving me the freedom to select what I felt was the best option for me. They guided me through the process with helpful intel and regular communication all the way through training and onboarding with my new employer. I could not be happier with the help ClinSearch provided throughout the entire job search, interview, offer and onboarding process."

David T.


"I have worked with a number of recruiting firms over the years, and ClinSearch comes out on top. They are fantastic to work with. They take the time to really understand our business and hiring goals, and they feel like a true partner in the process. Our hiring criteria is pretty difficult and narrow, and the candidates ClinSearch have been able to find have been excellent resulting in some very strong additions to our team."

Joanna W.


"ClinSearch is always very proactive in responding to our requests and communicates with us frequently. I have been impressed by how quickly they find new candidates for our positions."

Julia K.


?ClinSearch was extremely helpful to me with my career search. They brought a very high-quality opportunity to me and also provided useful guidance and insight into the company that helped me to prepare for my discussions with them. ClinSearch was very supportive throughout the entire process and a real pleasure to work with."

George N.


"If you are looking for a recruitment firm that knows the industry, knows the trends, knows the salaries and knows who’s good, work with ClinSearch. ClinSearch knows the market, they produce results quickly, and provide qualified candidates."

Debbie B.


"ClinSearch is easy to work with. The staff are personable and they are straight shooters, they don’t give you a story, they let you know what’s going on and where you are throughout the process. They have knowledge of the market. They know what you are looking for."

Gary S.


"ClinSearch has always taken the time to get to know our company and the candidates they are presenting so they are able to provide us a service that is sensible to both parties.  They do not provide us with candidates just for the sake of it.  Instead, they are making the effort, and taking the time, to match the talents, personality and background of candidates with the culture and expectations of our company.  ClinSearch works with us to find a long-term match with someone who wants to establish a career, not just the next move in their job history.  In all the years I have worked with ClinSearch, I have never felt like a number or just a transaction.  I feel like they got to know me, the hiring teams and the company so they are able to produce quality and compatible candidates.  Look forward to continuing our relationship with ClinSearch!"

Adam B.


"ClinSearch is well informed about the industry and the needs of the company, very thorough in what they do, they seem to be very well networked-in to individuals. They show knowledge, awareness and they show a commitment to the project.  They position themselves not only for what the needs are of the client today, but continue to grow and education themselves and stay ahead of the headlights just a little bit so they are already positioning themselves where the industry is going, so that they are seen as forward thinking, being creative in that sense, going that extra mile to get ahead of the needs of their customer. That way they become a resource, not just providing people, but in guiding clients as to what strategically they are going to need today, tomorrow and in the future."

John M.